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  1. Martin, your shoes will never be filled, but we will follow in your footsteps. In the same way that you were there for us, we will now be there for your family, supporting them, armed with the strength of your kind spirit.

    Until we meet again, rest in peace.

    With love from Natasha, James, Owen and Erin x


    1. My darling friend, sister, deskmate,housemate Jannet, receive my heart felt condolences during very tough moment of the departure of your beloved Martin.Your love for each other and your children has always been a source of joy to me and many. Love is truly the greatest commandment.
      Martin was a generous , peaceful and loving soul. I will miss him.
      To Jannet , Chris, Cece and Samson , May The God of peace comfort you and be an everpresent friend to lean on when all else fails.
      God bless you dear ones


  2. Dearest Jannet,

    As you say goodbye to your sweetheart Martin, I wish to express my profound sadness and deepest condolences for your loss.
    Martin was kind, mindful and cared for all around him. It was evident by his beaming smile and friendly demeanour. I feel privileged to have met Martin and grateful for the gift of his friendship and support.
    Jannet, you and Martin inspired me in more ways that you may know, you were my power couple!🙂
    Your love for each other was evident by the way you looked at each other, the beautiful memories you created and the wonderful children you both raised.

    We are thinking of you and sending our love and hugs to you Jannet, Chris, Cece & Samson.

    Rest in Peace dear Martin❤

    With much love,

    Lucy & Marcel (The Netherlands)


  3. I meet Martin at the end of the world in a place called Puerto Maldonado in Peru. Had my first real talk with him on a boat going up one of the Amazonian waterways. It became immediately clear to me that he was a deeply passionate, compassionate, and visionary person. We shared many great talks about the nature of reality and the hopes and possibilities for the future. He also told about his disease and was full of determination to do his utmost to learn from it and leave it behind. The time I spent with him or chatting / talking to him was short, but left a big impression. He will be missed sorely, but will live on forever in us.
    My heart goes out to his family and friends.
    Goidspeed, my friend.


  4. A meeting with Mr Martin over the phone brought me close to a warm hearted, strong, witty and self assured man who faces life with enthusiasm, unapologetic courage and such optimism that completely over shadowed everything less than perfect! He had great positive vibes, strength, a great sense of humour and laughter that eclipsed the fact he was dealing with a life challenging illness! That is who he is and the part of him to carry forth in all of us who knew him. He rests in peace with that touch of a smile on his lips. He dared to live his fullest in every moment! I will remember him so! A kindred spirit! Much love to you dear Jannet and family. Mr Martin lives on in the comfort of your hearts! From Grace for the Obi family!


  5. I was first introduced to Martin on the 1st February 2017 through his neice Amina. I was starting my journey as a coach and the way Amina described Martin, made him someone I had to meet. And so we did. He gave me many gems of knowledge and insight, introducing me to the world of psychosynthesis.

    Martin, it was such a privilege to have met you and thank you for providing me with guidance and care. I am saddened to hear the news and will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers over this difficult period.

    Rest in Peace Martin.

    Much love.

    Alieu Fofanah


  6. Desperately sad to be saying goodbye to Martin. A warm, cheerful and determined Man, whom I had the pleasure of meeting 8 years ago. Martin had a glint in his eye and could articulate big visions. He was eloquent, thoughtful and generous with his knowledge and experience. The last time I spoke to him was just before Christmas and he was so enthusiastic and full of hope! Martin, you will be sorely missed. Journey well, brother. God bless you and the wonderful family left behind xxx


  7. So sad to hear the news today that Martin has died. I only came to know Martin in the last few years when he became my therapist but I feel he came to know me better than almost anyone else. He was such a kind, compassionate, generous and wise man. I knew he was very ill but he always just gave so much time and attention to me and I could always feel that he thought about me and cared about me and was able to ‘see’ me. I feel a great loss that he is gone and I can only imagine the loss that must be felt by those who were blessed enough to be closer to them. I wish you all well in these difficult days. Henry


  8. It was only this morning that I talked to a friend about the therapy with Martin that had a really profound impact on my life and its direction. It was a few years ago but his positive energy, sense of possibility and generosity stay with me to this day. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing and send my condolences to his family.


  9. My dearest Martin our friendship spanned 22years of absolute delight. Rooted in the teachings of the Tree of Life I know that eternal leafy canopy holds you now as your soul journeys gently onwards. You are deeply loved and deeply missed. My dearest Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson I can’t even begin to imagine the physical chasm that Martin’s passing has left but I also know his absolute love for all of you will ensure he continues to walk by your sides in Spirit. I can feel him gently holding the light so you can see the path ahead. His being may have left us but his presence most certainly remains. With so much love to you all always


  10. Remembering Martin,
    I had the good fortune to meet Martin at the Institute of Psychosynthesis CPD Campaign back in 2014.
    We hit it off straight away and became good friends. We would speak on the phone from time to time.
    Martin had so many wonderful qualities, handsome, brilliantly smart, warmth, sensitivity, intuition.
    He was a very special man and will be greatly missed.
    Sending love and comfort and peace to his family.
    May his memories be a blessing.
    Claire Pierce

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  11. To Martin and his beloved family, I had the privilege of having Martin as my therapist until very recently. I was unbearably sad to hear of his passing. My deepest sympathy to his family, of whom he had spoken a little in our sessions. His profound love for you all was so evident. Martin was a really wonderful therapist and helped me hugely in my journey. He was warm, intelligent, and always wise. I really respected his views on life and his sharp mind. I will continue to learn from the life lessons he imparted. Not having him around is a huge loss. All my love, Patrick


  12. Uncle Martin, your kind heart and generous spirit will never be forgotten. Your greatly loved and missed. Rest in Peace.

    To you Aunt Janet, Chris, Cece and Samson may God comfort you and grant you His Peace that surpasses all understanding.

    With love from Maria, Jane, Dennis, Allan and Kayla.


  13. Janet my dearest, It hurts but my prayer is for almighty God the creator of the universe, who makes no mistakes to strengthen you, guide you, protect you and the children and most importantly, give you peace which surpasses human understanding during this trying time.
    I will remember you in my prayers, you are not alone my dear.
    I love


  14. Dear Martin,

    Remember when we first met?
    We were young, gosh we were so young and the world was ours to conquer! More than 35 years later, you certainly did conquer yours even though you left a bit too early! But I know you did not really leave now, did you? … You will always be around, and you will never leave…somehow…I know your light will always shine on, but even so, I will still always miss you terribly Martino!
    Forever grateful I was so blessed with such a special friend in my life. Thank you for being the greatest life time friend ever, thank you for the teachings my Master, thank you for being you, and so true. Love you always darling, may your eternal journey be peaceful.

    To Dearest Jannet,
    Dear Chris,
    Dear Cece,
    Dear Samson,

    There are no words I can spell that would undo your tears and pain, but I share with you this poem by Mary Frye and in which I recognize Martin who loved you ever so much and will always be by your side:

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there. I did not die.

    My love always, to each one and all of you,


  15. Martin was a wonderful person, kind, compassionate with such an amazing smile. I had the chance to work with him in therapy and exchange on many subjects. He has helped me so much like he did for many others…You have left too early Martin. May you rest in peace and my love to all of you, his family, who he loved deeply.


  16. My heartfelt condolences to Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson. I may not understand how deep your pain is, or be able to wipe away your tears but my thoughts and prayers are with you… May Jehovah God comfort you in such a difficult time as this. May He give you strength to bear the loss, and may His grace and peace be sufficient for you now and always.

    I got a chance to meet Martin on a few occasions and he struck me as a very cheerful, kind, loving, generous and strong-willed man. I was very happy for you Jannet! In my eyes; you were “a perfect match” who really enjoyed each other’s company; you belonged together!

    When I heard his condition had deteriorated last year; I found myself asking why some stuff happen to good people… How I prayed and hoped he would get well but God’s plans and timing are above us!

    I will forever be grateful for acknowledging and giving us (Eric, Evelyn and Judy) an opportunity to be part of your extended family.

    In God’s hands you rest; in our hearts you remain forever…

    Rest in Peace Martin, till we meet again at Jesus feet!


  17. Dearest Martin,

    From the fondest memory of our remarkable and funny first meeting 20 years ago in Ripon when I made you laugh and you sprayed red wine all over me, we were instant and deep friends. It is rare indeed to have the great blessing to meet another soul one recognises so immediately and then have such a one as Martin to be that person. We began our years of being there for each other in times of trouble and happiness and having a truly wonderful conversation that simply picked up wherever we left it whenever we spoke or met.

    Dear Jannet, Martin began early in our friendship to speak of you and it was so lovely to behold the love between you grow and blossom and remain always shining in him. My heart breaks for you dear Jannet, Chris, Cece and Sampson and I pray that you may always feel that great love he had surrounding you.

    I will so desperately miss you Martin my soul friend. Until we meet again may our conversation and laughter continue in more subtle realms.

    My love always



  18. It was with great sorrow that I heard of your loss.

    I met Martin in around 2005/2006 when I was on one of the Waveform Courses that he enjoyed.
    We did keep in contact for a number of years after that and he very generously help me setting up my business in 2010 with lots of really good advice.

    There were plenty of people offering their advice but his cut through all of it with the fact that he had clarity, understanding and cared. He was not just talking – he was listening as well.

    He was a fun, loving and cool guy and a great loss to us all – especially his family.

    Love to you all
    Ray Pawlett


  19. Dear Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson,
    Martin was my therapist back in 2019 and I can honestly say he helped me moved forward in my life so much. He was an expert in simplifying a situation with kindness, sincerity, brains and humour. I was so sad to hear of his passing and my thoughts and best wishes are with you all at this horrible time.
    Best love, Rose xxxxx


  20. This is dreadfully sad news which came as a great shock to me. I have known Martin for over forty years and he always had my affection through all situations. Visvan Navaratnam


  21. This is a difficult time for you Janet my friend my sister ,and I share in your grief. May you and your family find solace in the comfort that comes from above. Martin was a wonderful man who was filled with compassion for others. He will be missed by many. RIP Martin


  22. We met Martin and Janet a couple of years ago. We started a friendship. We are very saddened by Martin’s passing on. Janet,Chris,Cece and Samson kindly accept our condolences and may he rest in happiness and peace.
    Francis & Eunice.


  23. Dear Jannet, so sad at your loss.

    Martin was a great man. He had a lovely smile and such kind words. He accepted me into your home and I never felt unwelcome at any time. He accommodated our giggles and talks into the early hours of the morning. He will ask after me if I stay out of touch for a while, I am sad he has left us but glad he no longer feels pain. Rest well dear brother and friend.

    Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson, God’s comfort be with you.

    Love Jade and Mo


  24. Dear Jannet and family,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I was devastated to hear that Martin had passed away and shed many tears. It is no exaggeration to say that he turned my life around through his interventions, pulling me out of darkness and empowering me to be happy and balanced. He was such a special, kind and gifted man and I truly attribute some of the miracles that have happened in my life to him.

    Martin’s desire to help others was driven by a passion that stretched well beyond it being a day job so his loss will be felt by so many and so deeply. I cannot contemplate not having him to turn to, as I have done over the last five years. I came to see him as a parental figure, giving me strength and guidance, and I feel sad that I never had the opportunity to express this sentiment to him.

    My most amusing memory of Martin is him turning to me once and saying ‘I don’t think we need to see each other anymore Seema’. And it’s true, I didn’t, as he had helped me to realise all the goals I arrived with but I just enjoyed his company and insight so much by then!

    Rest in peace Martin – you leave an incredible legacy behind you and thank you for teaching me so much about myself, for which I am eternally grateful.

    Sending you my warmest wishes and keeping you in thoughts and prayers,
    Seema xxx


  25. Martin, I knew you going back perhaps 22 years ago. I wonder if you could see yourself the way others measured you.

    With your Hollywood looks, your beauty had unexplainable depth.
    Your eyes that sparkled showed only a fraction of the full volume of light in your being.
    You were tall but your stature was higher.
    Your voice spoke with intelligence and as an unassumed teacher and with wit, followed by your own prompt of laughter that echoed in the room and all in that room to guffaw with delight a split second later.
    You were a wordsmith making sense of words beyond dictionary definitions.
    Your commitments to causes and quest for knowledge was more than a person achieves across many lifetimes.
    Your knowledge of music and how you put it all together for our Kaballa meditations was always, always spot on.
    I have so much admiration, I can contemplate yet more achievements yet one thing scores the highest points.
    I was Around you Martin when on faith you set off on a quest to Jannet – from UK to Nairobi, and his faith brought him your world Jannet and children to follow and in a recent conversation with Martin (I can hear your voice now) you considered yourself so very lucky to have Jannet, and children whom you individuated with all their special skills and personality. Lucky you Martin, but my dear friend, we who knew you were lucky to have you in our world.
    Your light was bright and your legacies (your work and your children) are great and meaningful. Rest In Peace dear Martin.
    Jannet, Samson, Chris and Cece I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find solace from understanding how epic a gent Martin was.


  26. Martin is one of those people who makes an impression the first time you meet him.

    We were lucky to know him and Jannet as the parents of Al’s best friend, Cece, at Graveney. Soon they were friends of ours too. The first time we sat down properly to talk, Martin told us the story of meeting Jannet. I don’t remember the details – I just remember Martin describing the impression Jannet made on him and how he knew somehow he had to get back to see her as soon as he could…his fate was sealed.

    They took our Al into their hearts and lives and Al had one of their best holidays ever on the island of Skye with them. Among other things, Martin’s legacy will live on through his fiendish skills at Racing Demon. We gamely suggested a games night might be fun…they wiped the floor with us. It was embarrassing. Except that nothing was embarrassing with Martin. It was generous and warm and embracing – even as he thrashed us.

    Martin, Jannet, Samson and Cece came to Al’s 18th lunch in a pub near us and they threw themselves into our motley crew of assembled family and friends with such good grace and energy and joy. I’m glad to have photos as a record of that day – it meant a great deal to Al and to all of us.

    Cece is very dear to us. Samson has been a part of our Graveney world for ever. And so was Martin. We are glad to have known him. And so very sorry for your loss. We hope we’ll all be remembering and celebrating Martin for the rest of time.

    And Simon and Jesse
    And Al and Esme (Jannet’s ‘other kids’…)


  27. We met Martin for the first and, alas, the last time at the boarding school course we attended in 2019, but we have remembered him well since then. His quiet but intensely listening presence, his moving account of the challenges he faced at school, and his exceptional gifts of expression all remain vivid. Above all, we sensed the presence of a wise, compassionate and loving soul, deeply attuned to the struggles of others and generous in sharing the story of his own. We probably speak for all of us on the course in saying that it was a privilege to have known Martin, even so briefly, and how sad we are at your loss.
    With love Christian, Andrew, Mark and Simon


  28. I will always remember my ‘little’ cousin Martin with the warmest of affection especially his intensely blue eyes shining out with such generosity of spirit, his gentle thoughtful expression as he listened, and his quick, wonderful smile which lit up the room. We climbed mountains when we were young and my thoughts and love are with you Janet and all the family as you are faced with climbing yours without dear Martin at your side.
    With warm condolences and love from Nicky and all the Creed family


  29. Dear Jannet and family. Please accept our deepest condolences from his colleagues in the Boarding School Survivors Workshop team and amongst the participants of last years workshops who are deeply saddened at the news of his passing. Martin’s compassion and heart always lead his interactions. Please know he will be greatly missed here. Go well Martin. Warmly, Darrel Hunneybell (on behalf of the Boarding School Survivors team)


  30. Dear Jannet,

    It was such a pleasure to work with Martin, now about 15 years ago but it feels like yesterday. I fondly recall taking a business trip to Monaco together, a country of excess we both found quite amusing at the time.

    Martin was one of life’s good men, a real gentleman in all that word encompasses: honourable, humble and respectful of those around him. He distinguished himself in the City in part by what he was not: Martin was not flashy nor loud; he was not aggressive nor avaricious; he did not need to fit a certain mould, he was always comfortable with who he was; when he was right, he didn’t flaunt it, and when he was wrong he owned it. His values extended through all of his life, including his business life. Martin was a highly ethical man with a multi-dimensional character reflected in his zeal and curiosity in many different areas. He was certainly an eclectic man of many talents.

    It is with great sorrow that I write this now at the passing away of a very fine man, one who always spoke with the greatest respect and love for his family. He absolutely shone his light on you and Chris, Cece and Samson even when he wasn’t with you! He spoke of you all often to me: Chris at a top boarding school, how proud he was of Cece and his darling little Samson of only a few years old. You must know your father was ultra devoted to you all and to your welfare, far above his own.

    My deepest condolences and thoughts are with you all.



  31. Bye bye Martin, my friend..le jeune

    You left us too early, too soon …
    Bravely, with dignity, grace…rebuffing the terrible physical pain, but pained by the grief you would cause to those you leave behind..
    You were right ..
    Noble, graceful, generous, funny, caring, worldly, refined, dreamer, fighter, devoted, affectionate, warm hearted, leading man….a magnificent star, yet humble star..without one ounce of pretension.

    Rest in Peace..


  32. Dear Martin, how sad that you left so early! I still remember the wonderful times that we had in Egypt, 1984 learning Arabic with Naguib, laughing together with your incredible sense of humor, you were so open to this new world and your Arabic was brillant! Your love for life, for people, your gentleness,, warmth and serenity are unforgettable and will be dearly missed!
    I am so glad that you met Jannet later on and experienced a delightful family life with her and your kids,
    I miss you very much!


  33. Dear Martin, how sad that you left so early! I still remember the wonderful times that we had in Egypt, 1984 learning Arabic with Naguib, laughing together with your incredible sense of humor, you were so open to this new world and your Arabic was brillant! Your love for life, for people, your gentleness,, warmth and serenity are unforgettable and will be dearly missed!
    I am so glad that you met Jannet later on and experienced a delightful family life with her and your kids,
    I miss you very much!


  34. Dear Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson, and all of Martin’s family, please accept my heartfelt condolences. Martin was such an extraordinary person to come across in the world of finance, and his shirts certainly spoke for themselves. I only have fond memories of him and cannot imagine what a hole he will leave in your lives. I am grateful for the short time that I had the pleasure of calling him a colleague. With very warm wishes to you all, from a previous Citibank London fellow worker. Kirsten.


  35. Dear Martin,

    Unfortunately, I did not get to see you very often, but the few times I did were enough to now understand and share the heartfelt pain of those around you. Your unique laughter is still so present that it is hard to imagine not having you with us on earth anymore, your gentleness and your light hearted spirit will however prevail. You will be so dearly missed- shine on!

    Dear Janet, Chris, Cece and Samson,

    My deepest condolences to you. I am so sorry.

    Yours Amira


  36. We at the Policy Centre for African Peoples (PCAP) fondly remember and sorely miss our dear friend, colleague and supporter, Martin Armitage-Smith. For nearly 10 years, Martin hugely touched us with his warmth, dedication and generosity. His kindness, compassion and wise advice filled Sylvie, the PCAP founder and director, with courage and hope in her moments of despair, when she was facing the organisation’s teething problems.
    Martin’s love of Africa, its people, music and food was deep-rooted and contagious. In addition to dedicating a lot of his time to PCAP, he sponsored many of its activities, including the African Diaspora Summer Festivals. As we carry on developing and strengthening our charity, we acknowledge with heartfelt gratitude that we will be forever sitting on Martin’s shoulders.
    Our sincere condolences to Jannet, his beloved Kenyan-born wife, his children Chris, Cece and Samson, his sister Lindy, his brother Nigel, and all those who were as fortunate as us to know him.
    With love and gratefulness,
    Sylvie and the PCAP Team


  37. The last time I saw Martin was the last time I was in London in November, 2019 before the Corona pandemic made travel so difficult. I was a bit under the weather and so Martin said he would take the rather long journey from his part of London to mine. I was astounded to see he was using a crutch.

    A couple of days after he died, Martin appeared in one of my dreams. I was on the run, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and suddenly he appeared with some words of reassurance and wearing a white suit.

    These two images for me underpin the essence of the man who was my friend. Martin was gallant. Martin was kind, and Martin was noble. The latter was never more apparent than in the courage with which he confronted the wretched illness that took him away. The nearest he came to a complaint was to say he was very tired.

    We first met at Trinity Hall, where we numbered amongst the ten or so people then doing Oriental Studies, Arabic in Cambridge. From that time, we were great friends, our encounters always encompassing deep contemplations and uproarious laughter. – Martin was brilliant at accents, his earnest Egyptian ‘sbeaking’ English was one of my favourites!

    A little portrait of some of the days we shared might best describe him. He was an early riser, and might go for a run before trouping off to the City then coming back home and making dinner for his family. And he would still find energy for more, getting involved in a multitude of projects ranging from wind farms to music management. He also helped his friends in any way he could, and I will be forever thankful for his support in the writing of my book.

    In his education, demeanor and looks, Martin was in many ways the personification of the English gentleman – and a very handsome one to boot. But while he espoused its finer aspects, he was never constrained by this. He spoke many languages, including Russian and Arabic, contemplated life from often conflicting cultural viewpoints, and was in effect a twentieth century renaissance man.

    Most of all, Martin was a truly adventurous and enthusiastic traveller. After visiting a great deal of our terrestrial globe, he also devoted himself to explorations of the universe and our spiritual place in it. He was very well prepared indeed for any future adventures to come.

    For those of us who grieve him – his beloved family and his loving friends, I can think of no words more comforting and apt than the closing lines of The Little Prince:

    ‘This is a great mystery. For you who love the Little Prince as well as for me, nothing of the Universe is alike if somewhere, one does not know where, a sheep that we do not know has, yes or no, eaten a rose…

    Look at the sky. Ask yourself; ‘Did the sheep eat the flower or not?’ And you will see how everything changes…

    Look carefully at this landscape to be sure of recognizing it if you travel one day to Africa in the desert. And, if you happen to pass by there, I beseech you, do not hurry, but wait a little right under that star. If a child comes to you, if he laughs, if he has golden hair, if he does not answer when asked, you will guess who he is. So be nice! Do not leave me so sad: write to me quickly that he has come back.


  38. Dear Aunty Jano,Cece, Chris and Samson our deepest condolences to you. I remember the Christmas we spent together back in 2013 and we always hoped that we would return but life…Uncle Martin didn’t really know us but he welcomed us and we felt like a part of the family. It was one of our best christmases abroad. May uncle Martin rest in peace

    From Edith, levi, Lauren and Avery from Wilmignton Delaware


  39. Dear Janet, Chris, Cece and Samson,
    As you all say goodbye to your beloved husband and father, we would like to express our
    deepest condolences for your sudden loss.
    All of us at the Unifying Fields Foundation and Restoration Power Corporation wish to
    thank Martin for his many contributions to the mission and purpose of our organisations.
    Martin was a great friend, with a loving heart, always caring, always mindful and always
    ready to help. We will miss him greatly.
    We have very warm memories of our collaboration with Martin and his visions about the
    work we are doing to make the world a better place.

    Dear Martin,
    You are a great friend and colleague. We are sad that you left so suddenly; but we know
    that you will care for those you loved so much from another place. We will miss you. But
    you will live on in our memories.
    We will never forget the beautiful moments we had when we met together and enjoyed
    your passionate participation in our many talks, chats, meetings and conference calls.
    We wish you a great onward journey.
    With Love,
    Kees, Robert, Guido, Herman, Liam, John, Susan, Mark


  40. As a kindred spirit Martin, you will always be present in my life. I am so grateful you allowed me into your world.

    Yesterday was a special journey, a funeral that spoke volumes of your enthusiasm for life, your compassion for others, and the fight you put up against your illness – I know you did not want to leave Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson, I heard your sadness…

    These words from Rumi, seem appropriate because you shared heart and soul with everyone of us unconditionally…

    “Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes.
    Because for those who love with heart and soul
    there is no such thing as separation.

    I hold you and your family in my heart in their grief and sadness
    with much love


  41. The Traveller

    Dear Martin

    Looking things over, you have made significant journeys – crossing over boundaries many would not attempt, and bravely opening up to new experience ultimately, finding that so precious fulfilment.

    How do I remember you?
    A unique personality, Gifted, unconventional and deeply reflective blending thoughtful input with intelligent analytics – a rare quality.

    It’s hard to imagine not seeing you again, a reality bringing a tear to the eye, in its physical finality,

    For you no more physical stress.
    Set free from mortal constraints to move forward to the next dimension.
    Your star will sparkle in the serenity of pure infinity.

    Lasting thoughts …

    Such deep impressions. I don’t think I will meet anyone like you.
    You give us laughter and originality – the consummate master of irreverent humour – leaving fond memories of your hilarious impersonations of various characters delivered with a grand flourish and mischievous twinkle in your eye – bringing us new daring insights to our friends, relatives, and situations, despite ourselves!, reaching for knowledge in the process. No not perfect – everyone has their flaws, but compelling with such unusual qualities!
    We have your loving spirit, captured in our hearts helped with beautiful photographs of your trademark film star smile, and strong recall of of your slow deep chuckles still echoing in our ears gently teasing us to think more deeply about things.

    The seasons change in the natural order of things. We know we cannot change that.

    So we wish you well, our travelling star, in your journey and remember you fondly – strong in our thoughts until the infinite horizons cross once more.

    Speed well.
    Love Eva


  42. Dear Jannet, Chris, Cece and Samson
    I just wanted to write to say how desperately sad we were to hear about Martin. Only recently, he wrote a wonderfuly comforting email to my sister Emma (Nichols) when our darling Dad, Jeremy, died in August. Dad was Martin’s housemaster but they remained wonderful friends and Dad loved discussing anything and everything with Martin. I watched Martin’s funeral and it was so moving – he obviously made such a huge impact on everyone that he came across.
    Someone wrote to us when Dad died, and I think the same is evidently true of Martin – “his light has not gone out, but carries on spreading from candle to candle through each of the many lives he touched”. This is an incredibly difficult time for you all – but I hope the glimmers of light and happy memories begin to shine more brightly with each moment that passes.
    lots of love to you all
    Lucy xxx


  43. I met Martin during our BSS psychotherapy training a few years ago. He was such a kind, compassionate, funny, intelligent and big hearted man with such a voracious appetite for life and knowledge. Our supervision group will never shine quite as brightly without his presence. I will miss him greatly, and my thoughts are with his family.


  44. It is with great sadness to learn that Martin passed away. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish you moments of peace and comfort during this very difficult and trying time. May the Lord continue to comfort you and strengthen you in the days ahead.


  45. I was very sad to hear that Martin had passed away. We both worked in Fx during his time at Citi, and it will be if no surprise to hear that he stood out from all of us around him for his compassion, his morals, his kindness and as Kirsten has mentioned, his shirts!
    I can’t begin to imagine the pain the family is feeling right now, but I am sure there is some comfort for having been blessed to know such a lovely man.
    God bless.


  46. “Take me by the hand and show me the way I can go… show me the way” I have so many memories of you singing and dancing along to this Papa Wemba classic in your brightly coloured shirts. You effortlessly guided us all. You gave us your ongoing support when we needed it and held our hand through every challenge, so we never felt alone.

    You opened my eyes to new experiences and taught me that the world has so many beautiful gems that are just waiting to be uncovered. From taking me to ride a horse for the first time, picking mussels by the sea, intense card games and finally being able to beat you in a scrabble match (sure you let me win!) but these are beautiful memories that I will never forget.

    The lessons and advice that you have shared with so many will remain in the hearts of us all forever. As your legacy remains you will never stop ‘showing us the way’.



  47. I met Martin in 2019 when he was presenting on white priviledge at a psychotherapy conference I was arranging. His talk was deeply inspiring and thought provoking for many people and obviously came from his own lived experience of enquiry and self reflection. He said to me Jannet that you had been his greatest teacher.
    I was deeply touched by Martins commitment to a lived experience of love and justice. Thankyou for all you gave to this world Martin – I only knew some of it but this piece was powerful and will live on through myself and others.
    Condolences to all your family.


  48. Martin’s sudden passing came as a huge shock to both myself and my family. I still cannot believe he is no longer with us. I will always remember him as a kind soul and a thorough gentleman.

    Our paths crossed almost 21 years ago, which altered my life drastically – he’s the reason me and my family get to call England my home. We’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity he gave us. Although we met as colleagues in Citigroup, we part as friends.

    Until we meet on the other side, rest in peace and thank you for everything, my dear friend.



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